Change is a part of life.
I make graphics and gifs, sometimes I color manga. Kuroko Tetsuya and Park Chanyeol are the salvation to my hollow soul.

I finally made this Follow Forever graphic! It almost took forever ;w; I made this to thank all the people who included me in theirs. To give thanks to the bloggers I’ve been following for their very very quality posts. And to show them how I appreciate and how thankful I am that I followed them. (And I’m very thankful because all of the people in this list, followed me ;u;)

The list is in no particular order~

atsushikun / without-soul / soshite / chibari / sacredwings / peperroun / yumieres / squalos / soundless-voice / pastepastahere / yamakukisama / akirachu / ayanime / mukuros / kurama-chan / theredcarpethasteeth / hanato / enchantique / takashi-kun / vitaaminn / kosetsu / korean-fashion / nyankorin / animode / enchantresss / eisaku / zeino / touwa / keisui / kaname-kun / moshimoyashi

Please do follow these amaaaazing people ♥ (though I know these ppl are famous and you’re already following them)